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Monday, January 4, 2016

Remedies for what ails you

This frigid Monday morning, what is on my mind? How to combat the stomach bug when it attacks the entire household.

New Year's Eve ended with a big bang!  Not exactly what we were expecting. Our youngest little girl started throwing up while we were watching a movie as a family.  Thankfully there were several of us in the room so I had a lot of help.  We had to pause the movie 4 or 5 times...I can't remember exactly.  I started losing track.  Poor thing was so sick.  I ended up going to bed early and Todd slept next to her, on the floor, in the living room all night.  She got sick a couple more times that night.  I woke up and cleaned up the mess and washed blankets and pillows.

A few weeks ago our oldest daughter was sick with the same thing.  She got sick on a Thursday.  Was fine almost all day Friday and Saturday and then got sick again Saturday evening.  So when littlest girl got sick again on Saturday, it wasn't a surprise.

Unfortunately our 4th son got hit with it Saturday night as well.  Sunday morning I woke up to boy #3 all weak a shaky.  He was so pale; ghostly white.  He wanted to go lay on the couch and started walking toward the living room.  I kept telling him he needed to sit down where he was for now.  He didn't want to listen.  I watched his body start to sway and his knees grew weaker.  He start to sink and I caught him and slowly put him on the floor in the kitchen.   Now, keep in mind that he's almost my height.  And he not scrawny by any means. It was not an easy feat to get him to the floor.

He was determined to get to the couch to lay down. He got up again and I had to force him back to the floor, slowly, because he was still weak.  I had Todd get up and help me get him to the bathroom.  After a few minutes I brought him his pillow, in case he needed to lay down.  I'm pretty sure he laid on his pillow, on the bathroom floor, for more than 2 hours.  He never did throw up.  I helped him to the kitchen table, since it's closer than the living room to the bathroom.  He placed his pillow on the table and laid his head there for quite a while.

Eventually he ended up down in the family room.  He stayed on the couch, with a bowl on the floor beside him, just in case.

I went to check on my sister because she was going to drive the healthy ones to church. Ha!  Not quite!  She had been up all night throwing up too.

The worst part was when Todd got up and got sick. Ugh!!!

When everyone is sick my mind starts running through all the natural remedies I have on hand...and the ones I wish I had.  I got out my essential oils and my diffuser.  I love my essential oils!  I started out with doTerra and absolutely love their oils.  But when you're on an extremely tight budget you can't always pay those kinds of prices. There are so many companies who have great products but are sold by Multi Level Marketing companies.  Their prices are so jacked up that it's almost not worth spending your money on their products...unless you join their company and sell their products. doTerra and Young Living are both MLM's.  I did a lot of research and found another brand I could be happy with: Native American Nutritionals.  They have wonderful oils.  Even still, I felt like there had to be other companies that didn't charge an arm and a leg for their oils.  After much research and reading many many reviews I decided to try Eden's Garden.

Since then I have stuck with Eden's Garden essential oils.  I love them.  They work just as well as the higher priced oils and are a fraction of the cost.  Seriously.  Why pay more?

For upset stomach, nausea, and vomiting, I recommend these oils:

Roman Chamomile
Anise Star
Digest Ease ** all time favorite for tummy troubles**

Rub a drop on your tummy and the bottoms of your feet.  Don't forget to mix with a carrier oil so as not to burn your skin.

To help prevent sicknesses or shorten their duration I use one of these:

OnGuard blend (doTerra)
**Five Fighters blend (Eden's Garden)
Thieves blend (Young Living)

If you don't have one these on hand you can make your own blend.  I put 2 drops of each of the following oils into my diffuser:


You can also put a drop of each of these on the bottoms of your feet.

PLEASE remember to dilute your oils with a carrier oil.  You can use fractionated coconut oil, almond oil, apricot oil, jojoba oil, and even extra virgin olive oil.  Especially when using oils on small children, dilute them to about 5%.  These oils are highly concentrated.

I also pulled out my homeopathic remedies to help soothe tummies and relieve pain since the pain relievers wouldn't stay down.  Sepia 30C worked well for relieving some of the pain. Nux Vomica helped with the tummy. I use the Hyland's brand.  This remedy helps with nausea, and vomiting.  I'm pretty sure it's one of the reasons that my 3rd son didn't throw up.  And why my husband didn't get sick more than once.  Follow packaging instructions and dissolve three tablets under tongue.

Now that some of us are beginning to feel better...we are feeling the need for an electrolyte drink.  The problem with most of those is that they are full of sugars and artificial colors.  So, instead, I'm going to make one similar to the recipe I found here.

I figure, if I can fix it at home, or make it at home, that's what I'll do. Happy first week of 2016! May you all be happy, healthy and successful in your endeavors.


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  1. Here's hoping you all are healthier for the rest of the year than you have been at the start!!!