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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hair Serum

I am plagued with dry, frizzy hair that I affectionately refer to as fuzz head.  Yeah.  It's not fun the humidity.  My hair is fine and thick and dry.  Every time I have moved to a different place I've had to adjust the products I put into my hair according to the atmosphere and hardness of the water.

Now that we're back in Maine I have to readjust again.  I've had use BioSilk for a while and then switched to Paul Mitchell's smoothing serum in Texas.  The other day I realized I'm almost out of my serum and needed to order some.  Not only do I dislike the smell of BioSilk now, so it's not an option, but I also don't want to pay the price for the Paul Mitchell.

And when I want to try something new or try to make something more cost effective I head to Google and Pinterest.  I found a couple of recipes for hair serum along with some really helpful websites on essential oils that are good for your hair.

This website was great and has a list of essential oils that work well for each hair type.  There is a lady at church who is allergic to all mint, lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus. Finding an oil that would be safe to wear at church was my goal.

Great information from Experience Essential Oils site for each hair type:

Oils for Normal Hair

Normal hair is neither greasy nor dry, has not been permed or colored, holds its style and is usually shiny.

These oils are best for normal hair:

Lavender Essential Oil
Rosemary Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil
Geranium Essential Oil
Cedarwood Essential Oil
Thyme Essential Oil
Clary Sage Essential Oil
The best base or carrier oils to use are jojoba, almond or borage.

Oils for Dry Hair

Dry hair looks dull, tangles easily and can become easily split at the ends. Therefore, we want essential oils for hair that stimulate the sebaceous glands in the scalp to produce more oil!

Use these oils:

Lavender Essential Oil
Rosemary Essential Oil
Sandalwood Essential Oil
Geranium Essential Oil
The top base or carrier oils to use are almond, sesame, jojoba, borage, cocoa butter or avocado.

Oils for Oily Hair

Oily hair looks greasy and these oils are are best for oily hair.

Lavender Essential Oil
Rosemary Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil
Peppermint Essential Oil
Cypress Essential Oil
The top base or carrier oils are sesame, jojoba and borage.

Other Hair Challenges? Need to Cleanse the Hair?
No problem, here are my recommendations.

Use a cleansing shampoo or cleansing oils first before you start. This will remove the buildup of chlorine, grease and chemicals in your hair and scalp.
Pick several essential oils for hair to use for shampooing and/or make a blend with the base oil. (You may have to experiment with several oils until you find what you like)
Use until you feel there is improvement.
Start to include or use oils that support healthy hair next.
I use a KidScents Natural Essential Oil Shampoo with lemon, tangerine, and MSM for gentle cleansing.

Oils for Occasional Flakiness

Essential oils may be very effective in minimizing occasional flakiness.

Here are some others:

Rosemary Essential Oil
Melaleucca alternifolia Essential Oil or Tea Tree oil.
Lemon Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Cedarwood Essential Oil
Thyme Essential Oil

The top base or carrier oils to use are jojoba and borage.

I ordered some ingredients that should work for my hair type on Amazon.  I love Amazon.  It makes me happy!  And saves me so much money!!!  All of the ingredients have arrived! So today I made my serum.

Castor oil
10 drops Geranium Essential oil
1/2 tsp Almond oil
1/2 tsp Jojoba Oil
2 oz dark amber glass bottle

If you are able to use lavender and rosemary oils they are highly recommended for dry hair.  You can add them into this recipe.  Just add a few drops of each when you add the geranium.

Pour 1/2 tsp Almond oil, 1/2 tsp Jojoba oil, and 10 drops of Geranium oil into the bottle.  Using a funnel slowly pour castor oil into bottle until just before the neck, leaving room for the dropper to be inserted. Place dropper on the top and close bottle.  Tip bottle back and forth to incorporate.  

After a shower my hair is a tangled mess since I ran out of my good conditioner.  No worries...I have ordered a bottle and it's on its way.  Plus, this hair serum should help quite a bit too. 

Add 6 drops (if you have shorter hair than mine you'll want to decrease the amount) to your hand and rub your hands together before applying to your hair.  Less is more.  Start with less and if you need more add another drop.  

You don't want a lot because it'll make your hair look greasy.  Not exactly a desirable look.  ;) 

I am excited to have a natural hair serum that will not only smell good but help my hair to to healthier and stronger.  Plus I've eliminated the nasty chemicals and alcohol,which probably don't help the dryness of my hair.  

I'd love to hear your thoughts/comments. If you try it, I'd love to know how it worked for you.  Happy DIY ing!  


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  1. I am in a non-DIY phase of life. :) If I can't have someone do it for me, it probably won't be done because I am up to my eyeballs in therapy and kids. But I admire those who are able to DIY, and I hope to get there again someday.