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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I'm sitting here, on my laptop, on Facebook.  Getting sucked into the never-ending posts and comments.  Getting lost in the funny banter,back and forth. Laughing at the memes. Realizing that this must be THE TIME to be on Facebook because there are so many of my friends commenting, posting and liking right now.  I'm usually not on the computer at this time of night.  I'm usually busy finishing up dinner.

It's hilarious, sometimes, the conversations that happen on Facebook.  For instance: A friend posted and asked a question about how many days in a row one should wear the same pair jeans.  Haha!  Several people weighed in.  I even joined them. Apparently, according to one person, you're not supposed to even wash jeans very often.  They are made to be worn multiple times without washing in between.  Um yeah.  Well, I usually wear the same pair all week long.  Unless I spill something on them.  If they look dirty or feel dirty they go in the wash.

I tell my kids to wear their jeans for more than one day in a row.  Most of them don't.  One of them does though.  To the point that I have to make him wash them.  That's when they stink.  Gross boy stink.  Haha!

It was great for a laugh.  Sometimes we need that.  Mindless silly stuff that makes us laugh.

What made you laugh most recently?  Post in the comments.

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  1. I laugh every night when the babies (10 mos, 11.5 mos) wrestle around the living room floor as we have our family read aloud time. They always get hilarious just before bedtime.

    And I wear my jeans until they look/feel dirty, too. :)

  2. I love that! My youngest, now 4, gets really really silly during our family scriptures before bed. She usually climbs all over us and runs around giggling. It's quite entertaining. Children are wonderful!