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Monday, November 30, 2015

The Magic of Christmas

Children can see the magic in the world around them.  Things that we, adults, have seen a million times and now take for granted are new and wonderful for children.  They appreciate the little things.
The stars are amazing and sparkly. They cause "oooh's and aaaah's". The moon is beautiful and bright.  The trees are so big and tall.  The rocks are fun to climb on.  Falling leaves become a pile to jump into.  Animals are amazing creatures. Toys come to life in their imagination.

An empty box becomes so many different things; a time machine, a car, a space ship, a boat, a box to hide in.

Jumping on the trampoline is like flying, soaring through the air like a bird.

The tooth fairy is mysterious as it sneaks in while they sleep to leave money for lost teeth.

The Christmas tree is awesome. The smell of fir needles. The sparkling lights on the Christmas tree. The intricate ornaments adorning it's branches. Tinsel.

White fluffy snow falling from the sky is joyous.  Sledding. Snowmen. Snow forts. Ice skating.

There are so many treats to eat.  It's like living in a candy shop. Candy canes.  Christmas cookies. Popcorn balls. Party mix.  Gingerbread men. Gingerbread houses. Chocolates shaped like Santa. Hot chocolate. Ribbon Candy. Egg nog. Muddy Buddies. Pizzelle Italian cookies.

Santa slides down the chimney with a red pack stuffed full of toys. Christmas morning. Bright wrapping paper.  Excited squeals.


Christmas: a time to enjoy the abundance of magic in life.  Enjoy every moment.


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