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Monday, November 30, 2015

It's Christmas Time!

Thanksgiving turkey sits cold in the fridge.
Gravy is congealed in the bowl.
Mashed potatoes are in a lump and the squash is all squished.
Half eaten pies clutter the counter.

Bellies are full.
Naps are in order.

Visiting and conversation abound.
An uncle is sitting on the couch with nieces and nephews surrounding.
He entertains with his voice and guitar.

The men are all happy.
Feel the buzz in the air.
Their hunting adventures a success.
Blessings are pouring down.

Christmas music is playing.
Happy and sweet.

A Christmas wreath adorns the front door.
Soon the tree will be in it's place
Covered in ornaments, tinsel and lights

Black Friday madness is avoided.
A sigh of relief!
Shopping for special gifts.
Finding the perfect one.
Merry Christmas greets young and old.

Cookie dough is rolled.
The oven is baking.
Treats for one and all.

We think of each other with love.
Family and friends gather around us.
Christmas carolers spread cheer.
Christmas spirit surrounds.

The joy of Christmas swirls, spins and envelopes
Like the swirling and swarming of snow on the wind.
Spinning and encircling each one.
Filling us all with Christlike love and kindness.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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