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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Too Funny!

I have never been funny.  I am only funny by accident.  I'm actually quite serious.  I think it's the OCD and the introvert in me. If I'm going to put myself out there then I need to know that the response will be positive.  But the response depends completely on your audience.  Maybe I should simply stick to my family and close friends to try my un-clever-ness on.

Over the years I have tried to be funny. Oh boy!  THAT doesn't work well for me. I'm not quick witted.  In fact, when I try to be funny I get strange looks from people.

I have wished that I was funny.  I wanted so badly to be able to come up with something clever to say.  On a rare occasion it happens.  But don't ask me to duplicate it.  Haha!  It's almost impossible.  It's only accidental!

When someone laughs at something I say, I'm surprised.  Was that really from me?  Did they ACTUALLY find what I said to be humorous?  Weird!  haha!

I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate those who have been blessed with a quick wit. I can appreciate that it is a talent that some have been given.  And I can surround myself with people who are amusing, clever, and humorous.  In fact, I am blessed with a husband who attracted me to him using his humor.
We met at a singles conference held in Maine.  It was the first Regional Conference held near me.  My mom pushed me to go.  I resisted, but eventually decided to go.  As most introverts do, I needed a buddy to go along with me.  I dragged my sister and a friend from church and we went.  When we entered the building I spotted a girl near my age whom I had met previously and I liked.  She was standing in a circle of boys.  She was the only girl in the circle and seemed to have all eyes and attention on her.  I walked up and said hello to her and to the onlooking boys.  That evening we were learning to line dance.  One of the guys from the circle, Todd, whom I had noticed, started out the line dancing across the gym from me.  By the end of the lesson he was dancing right next to me.  I don't remember what we talked about.  I don't even remember who else was there.  But I do remember that he tripped over every chair and doorway he came near.  He had me laughing the entire time.

The next day the singles conference group spent the day exploring at the Portland Headlight.  It's a beautiful lighthouse.  On the grounds near the lighthouse are some old buildings that are really fun to explore.  I walked away from the group to see if Todd would follow.  Of course he did.  And when he would walk away from the group, I followed him.  By Sunday morning, and the end of the conference, we were together almost all the time.  About 2 1/2 weeks later we were engaged.  Yeah, I know, it was fast.  But when you know, YOU KNOW.

Not only does he keep me laughing, but our kids have learned to be funny too.  Our third son, who has Autism, is hilarious.  He definitely got that from his dad!! Since we moved back to Maine, he rides to school with my sister.  She has called me or texted me several times to tell me about something funny he has said.

One day she drove by his school and noticed that there were fire trucks outside.  After school she asked him what happened.  He replied, "Humpty Dumpty caught on fire." She said, "No seriously, what happened?" And he said, "No seriously! They were cooking eggs and POOF!  They caught on fire!"

Oh!  We had a great laugh about that one.  HE is clever.

Yesterday I took him for his well-child visit at the doctor's office.  Just before we went in I noticed that his face had black specks all over it.  I asked, "What did you do in school today?  You're covered in dirt!" He chuckled and replied, "We jumped in a pile of leaves." I handed him my phone, in selfie mode, so he could see the dirt and brush it off.  He proceeded to make silly faces at the camera...so much like his dad. He snapped a picture and said, "Hey!  It's my first selfie!" Haha!  What a great kid! Then he asked if he could have his own phone.  ;) Not likely.  But good try, buddy!

His first selfie!

So, on that note...I hope that your life has humor, laughter, and silliness.  

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  1. The gift of a good laugh is priceless. I'm glad you have people to give you that gift. :)