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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The joy of childhood

We celebrated our youngest child's birthday last night with family.  Our sweet four year old requested balloons, chocolate chip cake, chocolate chip cookies, and ice cream. Wish granted!  She is at a stage where she loves EVERYTHING!  She would be happy with matchbox cars.  She is so easy to please. She loves the Mylar balloons filled with helium that she can carry around the house.  She loves the cute little candles on the cake.  She loves blowing out the candles to make a wish.

When she is happy...she is so very happy!

The BEST part of the evening was that she was so excited to open each gift.  Everyone enjoyed watching her open her gifts.  It was very entertaining.  Papa, Gramma, Great Gramma, siblings and Aunt were all taken with her.  She was precious! We were all chuckling at her cuteness.

She exclaimed in her cute little girl voice, "Thank you sooooo much!" She gasped in surprise at the Care Bear in the box.  She hugged each toy.  She squealed in delight, "It's just what I always wanted!"  She was so happy that she even hugged each card. She wanted each toy opened right away, but we reminded her to wait until she opened all of her gifts.

Yeah.  It was adorable!

And then she, her sister and her Daddy played with the new toys together.  It was comical and awesome. But their Daddy is hilarious sometimes! They have the best Daddy in the entire world.  I may be just a little biased.  ;) #bestdaddyintheworld

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