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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

This morning was a little crazy.  Probably because I tried to squeeze too many things into a short amount of time.  I do that.  A lot.  It's a bad habit.  But really I think that time has just sped up.  I used to get a lot more accomplished in an allotted amount of time.  I have found that, as of late, I am unable to get as much done as I used to.  It could be the slew of kids I have.  I could be that I've just slowed down.  But, no, I don't think so.

We missed the bus, but it all worked out because I had plans to take my grandmother to the store and help her find Christmas gifts for my kids.  I dropped my 4 year old off at my mom's house and took my 7 year old to school.  Funny, because my 11 year old didn't want to wait for us he walked to the bus stop instead of riding with me.  So he got on the bus this morning.

After picking up my grandmother and heading toward the store I got a text message from my sister.  I knew it was from her because I assigned her number a specific ring tone.  I looked at it quickly and found that it was a picture.

Um yeah!  The Christmas tree fell.  So I called her to find out what happened.  It just fell.  The cats don't play with it.  And the dog was in the kennel.  Maybe the evil tree fairies knocked it down....just kidding.

I think it was about an hour later that I got a text from Todd with this picture.

Yeah the tree fell over.  Haha!  He had no idea that my sister was at home sick today....and getting woken up by a falling tree. He slept right through it.  They cleaned it up and stood it up and it tried to fall over at least 2 or 3 more times before they got it to stay.

I guess this is a good reason to have plastic or unbreakable ornaments...for that occasion when your tree falls down....for no apparent reason.  I could possibly think that it was those creepy elves on the shelf...but we don't have them.  Because they are seriously creepy and get into trouble.

Later, Todd and I were downstairs talking about Christmas and I hear a loud bang.  I thought the little girl had slammed a door or dropped something heavy onto the floor.  I ran up the stairs and just as I got up there my sister began calling to me.  The tree was on the floor again.  Seriously!?!?

What a weird tree.  I guess when you get really tall trees they tend to tip.  Haha! Note to self.  Get a smaller tree next year.

As he was standing the tree up, and I was picking up broken glass, another ornament fell off the tree and hit the hearth and shattered. Yep.  I jumped.  Holy cow.

 More ornaments got crushed and the garland is a mess.  As I vacuumed the small pieces of glass along with pine needles from the carpet, I giggled.  Little girl was SO dramatic about the tree being ruined and Christmas being ruined.  Um, yeah. She's 4.  I'm in for it.  Haha!

The tree is now propped into a corner...for now...until my dad comes to the rescue with some fishing line.  And then the tree has to be redecorated.  We could make this a new family tradition; decorate the tree multiple times a year.

Hopefully the tree will stay up until Christmas now.  That would be a Christmas miracle.  :)



  1. Ugh! Too weird! I hope you get your tree to stand up! We're not putting ours up until just before Christmas day . . . because of the 2 toddlers and 4 preschoolers in the house!

  2. Yes, that WAS a very strange Christmas tree day!!!!! I sure hope things go better with the posessed tree!!!!!