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Monday, December 7, 2015

Oh! No!

Oh Holy Hannah!
Today started out as a nice day.  It was warmer outside.  The sun was shining.  And all I needed to do was fold my mountain of clean laundry while waiting for the propane company to come out and check on a possible leak.

I somehow, miraculously, convinced my 4 year old that she could let ME pick a show to watch while I folded laundry.  A Christmas miracle.  Haha!  So, there I sat, folding laundry, and watching a cheesie Christmas show on Netflix.

My husband woke up, he works nights and sleeps mornings, and we began talking.  Somewhere in all the talking my sweet 4 year old left the room.  Now, normally that wouldn't be a big deal.  She will either go find the kindle and start playing a game or watching a show OR she will go find her toys and play happily.  Either way, the quiet was wonderful.  Sigh!

All of the sudden she appears in the doorway...C...O...V...E...R...E...D... in poop.  Both Todd and I exclaimed, "OH! NO!"

Oh yeah.  Poop! All the way to her little knees. I don't think I've seen my husband jump and run that quickly in a while!

She had taken off her dirty pull-up and attempted to clean herself up.  Todd followed her to her bedroom where he found a pile of dirty wipes on the floor in front of her dresser.  EWWW!  So Gross!  The entire family room and bedroom spelled so thick and strong.  Oh yuck.  Now THAT was just Craptastic!!

It took two of us to get her...and the floor...cleaned up.  Yes, ladies and gents...I do believe we will be starting to potty train this one very soon!

I guess our day was just NOT exciting enough for her.  She had to liven it up!  Or stink it up, I guess!

And then, the propane guys came to look at our system and check for a leak that we were SURE is there.  We couldn't find it before.  And they couldn't find a leak either. Well, that's because there was NO leak.  The awful smell, that truly smelled like propane, rotten eggs, etc, was not propane at all.  Get this...It was the dead deer carcass that SOMEONE forgot to discard a few days ago.  It smelled so awful. On Saturday, when we smelled the "propane" smell... it was strong.  After we shut the propane off and opened the windows I saw the a tote that I didn't recognize in the basement.  Being the inquisitive one that I am...I opened the lid and got BLASTED with rotten meat smell.  I closed the lid as fast as I could possibly slam it down, but it didn't do any good.  The smell was out.  It it was FOUL! To think that THAT was the cause of the nasty odor the entire time.  Oh my!

We all had a good laugh about that one!


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  1. Oh no! is right! We've got 3 in diapers again, and 2 who struggle with night time bedwetting, and 2 more who wet the bed once in a while.

    I feel as if I never stop washing sheets and pajamas and towels and my hands . . .

    A least you can laugh at your "independent" girl!

    I'm glad you found the cause for your nasty smell. We just had our septic tank fixed, but the smell is back . . . I'm trying not to panic. :)