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Monday, March 11, 2013

ADHD and Autism...

Living with children who have Autism and ADHD is the "norm" in our house.  It's part of our daily routine.  It's not easy at times...but it's OUR normal.  Although...couldn't we say that each and every home has it own normal? I think so.

After all these years I must say that ADHD is harder for me to handle than Autism...MOST of the time.  When we go somewhere new or go on a weekend trip...I am reminded of the way things used to be all the time....with Autism. But as he has grown, many of his behaviors have decreased in severity.

We took a short trip to attend the temple in Kansas City.  During our short trip we stayed with family.  The cousins played and enjoyed their time together.  But when it was time to go home our son got very upset...had to be restrained...yelled and screamed loudly...and created a scene.  Thank goodness our family is very supportive.  I was then reminded how different our normal is.  And I was extremely grateful for improvements too.

ADHD is different.  He doesn't lash out and kick, scream, hit, punch, slam or any of those physical things, most of the time.  He doesn't give up. He is relentless.  He does NOT give up.  (Did I say that already...)He keeps asking...he keeps begging...he continues to present his point of view...over and over. He gets stuck on something and can NOT let it go.  He is attached to everything.  I would want him on my side in a debate!  He will not give up until he wins!  What a great quality to have!

He is smart, sweet, kind, thoughtful and helpful.  He is easily distracted by legos or television and other toys.   He has a great memory.  He LOVES to repeat lines from shows or movies he has seen.  He has a WONDERFUL sense of humor.  He is very....VERY dramatic! Did I say very dramatic?  Oh yeah....he is extremely dramatic!  And here I thought the drama would come with the girls!  Bah!

ADHD requires constant reminders.  And I mean constant. By the time the kids head out the door to school I am worn out!  I am thankful for a small break while they are at school.  For several years I sat with him at the table while he did homework...every night.  We sat for hours.  I redirected.  And redirected.  Until...he was finished.  Some nights it was until dinner time. Other nights it was until bedtime.  Eventually he got so he could accomplish his homework on his own and more quickly.  Now I only help on occasion.

Some days I feel like I never graduated from high school because I STILL have homework to do!  It's all part of being a parent.

What I think I love most about my son with ADHD is his persistence!  He doesn't give up!  I could learn a thing or two from him!

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