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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The First Day of Spring

Today is the first official day of Spring for 2013.  Spring...just the thought of Spring makes people happy.  Spring can pull people out of the cold-weather blues and make them feel alive and energetic again.  But when the weather does not cooperate with the calendar it can make a child with Autism very upset.

Mr. Man's teacher told him that the first day of Spring is today.  He is very literal.  Very black and white.

This morning we woke up and it's in the 30's.  My son was not happy.  He growled, and grunted.  He slammed and stomped.  He screamed and yelled.  He blew at us, because in his mind that's mean, but he doesn't always get into trouble for it.  He hit us with his clothing.  He doesn't want to have to wear pants and long sleeved shirts anymore.  It's Spring.  He doesn't want to wear his winter coat.  It's Spring.  He's mad at the weather.  He's mad at me because he wants me to fix the weather.  It's Spring.

I tried to reassure him that it will be warm eventually, but he didn't like that.  So I simply smile.  I tell him, "I'm sorry your upset." Or..."It'll be warm in a couple of weeks." Or..."Use nice words."

This frustration about Spring has been building.  I'm glad that Spring really will be here soon.  Eventually Mr. Man will understand.  Until then, I will continue to hug him and reassure him calmly.  Maybe I'll even help him throw his clothing around....could be a stress reliever for me as well.

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