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Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday's Frantics

Today I am plagued with the ...what to write...what to write...frustration! My husband has been gone all week for business and just got home last night.  He took the day off today so he could spend time with me and the girls. It's wonderful AND it totally throws off my already not-so-rigid schedule.

We had grand plans to acquire the materials for assembling a diaper sprayer while we were out running errands.  Any of you who cloth diaper your babies know how AWESOME it is to have to dunk the dirty diapers into the toilet.  This wonderful gadget would reduce that necessity.  And since I'll be cloth diapering for another year, or so, I thought this would be wonderful to have.

We get to the hardware store with the list that my husband scribbled down quickly and stood in the aisle F. O. R. E. V. E. R.  He couldn't seem to find the right parts, and being a plumber in a past life, he knows enough about plumbing to know what he needs...but he just couldn't locate it. We decided we were done and would come back later and then he turned around and went to look again.

By this time my back and legs were getting sore from standing in one place for too long.  I was leaning over the cart, the girls were fighting and screaming and crying, and I just wanted to go home.  He finally decided that he needed to come back home and look at the list of items needed more thoroughly.  Lo and Behold...he didn't look close enough and there was at least one part he didn't see.  Hence...the confusion.  ;) Now we need to go BACK to the store and get the parts.  I guess I'll be dunking the diapers for a few more days.

I was reminded, today, of the title of a book that was once recommended to me.  It's called, "Strangling Your Husband Is NOT an Option".  If nothing more, it's a book worth having on my shelf merely for the title!  It's a great reminder.  I love having my husband home and every time he has to travel I am reminded how much I truly enjoy his company.  Take the time to enjoy the little things with your spouse.  Remember why you first fell in love with them and fall in love with them even more.  Having a good, healthy relationship not only strengthens your marriage, but strengthens your family as well.


  1. You've written often of back pain--I'm sorry this is happening. I sure hope you have strength to get through each day with a smile!

    1. You're so sweet! Thank goodness this back pain is very mild and very temporary. It didn't last once I left the store. And it doesn't happen very often. That is a great blessing, for sure! There is something about standing in one place on a concrete floor that is not comfortable! Have a wonderful day!