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Monday, April 22, 2013

Being Active

Baby Number 6 has really thrown me for a loop.  She is the most fussy baby I've ever had.  I sit a lot with her. Not only that, just before she turned 3 months old my husband had to go away to Technical School for the Air Force for 10 months.  It takes several months after having a baby to get into a routine again but without my husband there to help me it has taken much much longer.  There were many days that I just sat and held my fussy Littlest Miss.  Even now that he is home and has been for 4 1/2 months, I still don't get the things done that I was able to after my 5th baby.

All this sitting has not helped me get active again.  And age doesn't help the inches to come off any easier either.  She is now 17 months old and I am feeling a great need to get fit again. Most of the baby weight is gone now, after a lot of hard work and daily dedication, for which I am very grateful.   But my endurance is much lower than it has ever been before. I used to be constantly moving, never sitting.  Now I think I find myself in a chair or couch much more often then I would like to.

I have to remember that there is a time and a season for everything.  This is my time and season to take care of my little ones.  Even if that means sitting more than usual.  It's okay to sit and hold my sweet babies while they are young because it won't last very long.

Even though there are lots of things that are left undone there is a lot I CAN do. Exercising can help me to feel better.  It helps to boost your metabolism.  It boosts your mood!  It gives you energy to get through your day.

Don't ever allow yourself to rationalize your way out of exercising.  There are many different types of workouts for many different skill levels/abilities.  Find what works best for you.  And once you get comfortable doing that particular workout, find something different that can push you a little.  Keep changing it up.  When we change our workouts it helps our bodies get stronger.  Interval training workouts will bring better results faster. They might kick your bumm at first...haha....but they work!

And when you're doing all this exercise DON'T forget to drink plenty of water.
"You need water to metabolize stored fat!" Leslie Sansone in Walk Away Your Waistline.

So even though I'm not getting as much done as I used to, I am DETERMINED to get fit again.  Take care of my children/family is my first focus and my next is getting fit.  The rest of the s t u f f can and will wait.  The laundry, dishes, vacuuming and all the other wonderful tasks that make up taking care of a household can wait.  Take care of what's most important first.  The rest will fall into place eventually.


  1. Kara, you are so inspirational! I only have four kids and struggle every day to function as a family and stay sane. You prove that it can be done with grace, love and peace. I'm not saying that everyone doesn't struggle in their own ways, but your example gives me hope. Thank you for sharing your life and experiences with me. It's truly profound.

    1. Thank you! Your comment means a lot to me. You're right...it can be a daily struggle to keep it together. Sometimes a moment to moment struggle. I find that the only way I'm able to do it is with a lot of help from above! A loving father in heaven is always there when I need Him. I find that it's helpful to me to know that there are others who do the same things I am doing and struggle as well. Keep up the amazing work! I KNOW we will be blessed for our efforts! Have a wonderful day!