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Friday, April 26, 2013

Irrationality strikes again

Autism...you never know when their irrational fears will emerge and rear their angry heads. Yikes!  Not exactly a fear but an attachment.  Attachment to things.  Things that have been on his shelf for years....untouched...collecting dust.  

HOLY COW... is what I'm thinking.  We are getting things ready for a garage sale tomorrow and Mr. Mischievous just HAD to tell Mr. Happy that we were selling two of his toys.  I had just told Mr. Mischievous not to tell his brother. So what does he do?  Marches right into the house and tells him.  Oh my goodness.  

Mr. Happy come screaming through the door...I heard him coming....deep breath.  Let the meltdown begin.  He went on and on about how much he loves these toys and how we was going to play them soon.  Over and over again.  Screaming, slamming, stomping, tears pouring down his face, wailing like he's being hurt.  This went on for several minutes.

Finally after a lot of exceedingly loud and crazy insanity coming from one person, my husband picked up our 11 year old, Mr. Happy, and sat with him on the couch,cradling him, holding him tightly.  It's what we call a "squishie".  But he's getting so big that it takes a whole lot of muscle to make sure that during all the thrashing and tantrum throwing he doesn't hurt himself or someone else.  

The poor kid is just crushed.  He loves the toys and wants to keep them.  He ate dinner in tears.  After dinner I sent him to rest and watch a show.  I hope someday he'll be able to understand more than he does now.  

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