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Monday, April 8, 2013

My mission...to De-Stink-ify

In an effort to de-stink-ify my eldest son, Mr. Artist's, room...cause holy stinky cow...IT WREAKS...I started looking up information about Febreze.  I don't like it. It costs WAY too much and it's too strong for my super sonic nostrils.  Plus, I am POSITIVE it has things in it I don't like...trying to be all-natural...ya know.  So, I found a recipe at this blog. Which sent me to this blog.

As I read the ingredients I thought...ugh...I don't want to use fabric softener.

A new search began....to find out how to make my own fabric softener.  This search led me here, where I found a recipe with the most 'natural friendly'  ingredients I could find. There are plenty of recipes on the net. Choose what you like.  This one sounds like it'll work great for my purposes...making homemade fabric refresher.

Since I have a random bottle of Febreze on my shelf for some odd, strange, and weird reason, I will use it up.  I'm not a waster of things. And since I totally spilled about a quarter of the bottle down my pant leg whilst being a dork...I won't have as much to use up.  Haha!

I can acquire the necessary ingredients in the next couple of weeks and then make my newest concoction.  I figure it can't hurt anything.  I already make my own laundry soap which I LOVE and costs me a fraction of what a bottle of Gain does.  Having boys I found that they stink so much more than girls and the clothing doesn't come out smelling clean unless you use the expensive soap.  NO MORE.  The homemade version is awesome, amazing, and stupendous. The recipe on my other blog calls for Dr. Bronner's bar soap; an all-natural bar soap.  You can also use Tom's of Maine for a less expensive, also all-natural, option.  

So, there you have it!  Happy cleaning and refreshing!

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