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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Drinking fountain

This morning Mr. Mischievous gave us a GREAT idea!  He said, "Mom, why can't we have a drinking fountain at home?"
I replied, "Well, the reason they have them at school and church is because it's easier than washing a bunch of cups and it's more convenient."
Mr. Mischievous said, "But if we had a drinking fountain we could get a drink easier." He left the room, thinking it was a lost cause.

Then my husband, who was listening in, said, "It WOULD save on all the cups all over the kitchen."

Well that is TOO true!  There are cups all over the place in our kitchen.  They are empty, partially full, half full and filled to the top.  They get tipped over and spilled by the cats and the humans.  They are a mess.

I decided to look it up.  There are a few options on the internet but this one looks like it'll be the least expensive and the easiest to install.

It looks like this will be added to our budget for next month!  What a great idea Mr. Mischievous!