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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

STOP the yelling!

Something I have been trying to overcome for YEARS is yelling, or snapping at my family....saying the first negative thing that pops into my head....instantly getting angry...you name it... I need more patience.  Today my mom forwarded me a link to this blog and I am in LOVE.  It's what I need.  A reminder that we CAN stop the negativity and yelling.  It can be done!

I want to create my own system for keeping track and reducing the yelling, snapping, quick tongued monster from emerging.

Let's try to create a more peaceful atmosphere in our homes.

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  1. Hey, I wasn't sure if you liked that or not. I am glad you did. I still talk in too loud a voice. I did Sharing Time yesterday in Primary, & it's next to impossible to be heard over the kids. I was talking pretty loud by the end of my presentation. When I realized it I was embarrassed. I didn't say anything to anyone, but maybe they won't ask me to do it again???? I doubt that.
    I hope you are having a wonderful day. I need to get on here more often, because I love to read what you write.
    Love, Mom!!!!