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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursdays' Thoughts

Snow days and Rainy Day activities...

This morning we woke up to blowing white flakes falling quickly from the sky.  The school cancellation came last night when the weather forecast called for 100% precipitation.  My friend, who is very creative, asked me what our plans were for the snow day.  Her equally creative children we planning their fun filled day.  I had nothing...absolutely nothing.  Well, let's see, we plan to sleep in, eat breakfast, do chores, and then watch TV all...day...long.  Now, doesn't that sound like loads and loads of fun?  That's what I thought too!  ;)

The trick to keeping the boredom at bay is to be prepared.  I like my friend's idea to create boxes that are filled with supplies and instructions for crafts and other mind stimulating activities.

Some of the things that I remember best from my childhood were fairly simple, like making a tent in the living room with chairs and blankets.  Kids seem to find hours of enjoyment and imagination-stretching-fun with a simple blanket tent!  Old cardboard boxes can become shields, masks, houses, puppet shows, etc.  Soda cans can be cut into flowers and painted.  Drawings can be made.  Dig out the playdough, sculpy or other clay and make magic wands, turtles, apples, mushrooms, dragon flies, or even a playhouse for your squinkies or other small toys.  If your kids eat the playdough or are allergic to wheat, get out the ingredients and make some.

Get the kids involved and come up with something they will be excited about.  Here are a few links with ideas:

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Happy creating!

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