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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday's Topic

Teasing and Bullying...

Every time I hear these two words I cringe.  I picture kids who have been verbally and/or physically tormented until they think they are worthless.  Some of these kids bottle it up inside, thinking that it'll just go away.  While others lash out at others who are weaker than they are.  We have heard stories of mass shootings that were carried out by kids who were tired of being bullied.

I was teased a lot when I was a kid.  I hated it.  I have always made myself an easy target for those who are quick witted, by the things that I say.  I used to come home in tears because of how another person made me feel.  I have learned since then to laugh at myself.  When I make a silly mistake or just say something foolish, I laugh.  It's not worth dwelling on.  I have also learned to give pretty good "come backs".  When I do, the person is usually a bit shocked!

I have tried to give my children the tools to help prevent bullying but there are simply some personalities that are great targets.  These days you can't be smart, treat adults with respect, or be good at anything without someone disliking it and therefore you.  Others don't like a "goody-goody". Their distaste comes out in verbal taunts and sometimes physical violence.

It's one thing to be teased...it's a whole new ball game when it's your child receiving the torment.  If there is one thing I have learned, it's that they don't want to tell an adult for fear that they will be called a "snitch" and teased even more.

*If you have an inkling, a feeling, a clue or an impression that your child is being teased, don't hesitate to take action.
*Help your child feel comfortable and safe so that they will more easily share what is happening to them with you.
*Stay calm.
*If it's happening at school, call and speak to the guidance counselor, teachers or principal.  Create a plan to stop the inappropriate behavior.  Follow up with the school and make sure that the situation is improving.  *Talk to your child on a regular basis.
*Help them to feel comfortable talking to you.
*Be aware of signs of depression in your child. If you notice anything that concerns you, talk to them and, where appropriate, seek counseling for your child.

In every situation a parent must make decisions based on what will benefit their child the most.  Heavenly Father placed within you a parent's intuition.  Use it to help guide you.

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