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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday's Topic

I am not a poet by any means.  ;) These words were running through my head while I was shoveling this second round of snow in less than a week, and I thought they might be fun to share.

Oh Snow, why do you tease me so?
With your fluffy white mounds,
covering the ground.
Oh how I wish I could play
and make snow forts and snow men all day.
As I scoop another shovel of snow
I remember those days long ago.
Your sparkly white blanket
Is so beautiful to see.
But my back and my hands
are making demands
to lie down and rest, you see.
So, I will dream of a day,
when I can go play,
in your fluffy white mounds again.
Until then I will sit,
and snuggle my babies instead.

It's so important to take the time to sit and snuggle our children.  Even those that are teenagers.  They might not want you too now, but eventually a pat on the back may turn into a hug. Remind them of how much you love them.  Hug them.  Tell them how proud you are of them.  They need to hear it!

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